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SocialEffort was founded in 2013 and based in New York City. Our work enables volunteering within charities, non-profits, and philanthropic organizations - and helps seamlessly integrate these activities into people’s lifestyles. Our goal is to connect caring individuals with opportunities they care about. We believe that one good deed should be rewarded with another. Whether it’s raising support for a cause, giving support, or just doing good deeds, SocialEffort enables people to promote their causes, gain support, and get things done - in real time.

Official Screenshots / Logos / Icons

SocialEffort logo SocialEffort app (Click here to download a zip file containing .png files)

Testing Features

After logging into the app, here are some things you can test with SocialEffort:


On the Welcome Screen, there are three tabs:
- You can view opportunities that need your help.
- Find out how much of a significance you are making through your efforts.
- Set a deadline for yourself of the time you wish to commit.


On the Opportunity Feed, you can navigate the buttons and scroll down:
- Create a Watchlist of favorite opportunities
- View opportunity details (such as a summary, time, location, and more)
- Search for specific opportunities or filter through New, Current, and Popular
- Favorite an opportunity
- View your profile and check hours, moments saved, and recent volunteering spots
- Grow and learn new skills by creating/viewing a volunteer resume

Once you've selected a specific opportunity, navigate and touch to:
- View location, map, summaries, and your opp's "Geo-Fence" radius
- Check out more details
- Take a photo of the opp - or take a selfie (Smile!).
- **Many opportunities require you to register ahead of time. Don't forget to call or email them first!

When you're volunteering, let everyone know! Share (everyone's doing it)!
- Share your work - you can keep your friends posted across a range of social networks. Do good - and let it show.
- View directions to your opportunity and even invite friends (contact your administrator before bringing anybody).
- Auto-check in works so you don't forget to log your time - focus on doing good!


Finally, check your impact:
- The SocialEffort app collects the time you've spent volunteering, and displays it to you visually. Now, you can better see where your efforts are being focused and plan accordingly.

Company Background

SocialEffort was established in 2013 and launched its ios app in beta in December 2014 to Enable, Measure and Monitor the impact of the Giving Economy. Based in New York City, SocialEffort helps people Discover, share, and explore new opportunities, no matter where you are. The SocialEffort app is designed to fit volunteering into your busy life, seamlessly.

Rockstar Team

Founded by Alim Williams and Danielle Leong in NYC, SocialEffort consists of a rapidly growing team. We've got well-dressed engineers, marketing royalty, creative designers, wizards of big data, and wicked sharp interns. We wear many hats, but at the end of the day, we are all dedicated volunteers that want to change how to change volunteering for the 21st century. As we grow, we hope to continue to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and effective team. Perhaps you can join us?

SocialEffort Inc.
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We're located at 137 Varick Street 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013

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